Easter brunch for CityEats

Philly picks for brunch on Easter Sunday (April 20). Pictured: The Mildred.

Soppressata showdown for Philadelphia Daily News

Interviewed soppressata maker Joe Sernicola and a bunch of his buddies who will be competing in the upcoming Sernicola Soppressata Showdown, a salumi competition raising money for Alzheimer’s research.

Learned a lot about regional pronunciations of soppressata doing this piece. In South Philly, it’s usually called “super-sod.” In coal-mining country, however, they refer to it as “soupie.”

Photo: maialetti

Milkshake roundup for CityEats

It’s shake season. Well, almost.

Ryo Igarashi’s Ronin Kitchen for Philadelphia Daily News


Feature on chef Ryo Igarashi and the crazy path leading up to his new project, Ronin Kitchen. On Tumblr: roninkitchen

Photo: Alejandro A. Alvarez

Tapas spots for CityEats

Small-plate restaurants in Philly (only some of them Spanish). Pictured: Bar Ferdinand.

The Philadelphia Banana Peel Project for Philly Mag

Frank Danay's Philadelphia Banana Peel Project (phillypeel) documents the thousands of decomposed fruit skins he spots on Philly’s streets. He’s snapped nearly 1200 peel pics since 2009.

Photo: PBPP on Facebook

Diner studies at La Salle for Philadelphia Daily News


Dr. Francis Ryan, head of the American Studies department at my alma mater La Salle University, was easily one of the best professors I had in college. (Seriously tough grader, though! I don’t remember doing so well.) His capstone seminar this year featured an assignment requiring his students to eat in, and analyze, Philadelphia diners.

Photo: Matthew Hall

Philly beer bar guide for Food Republic

Ten craft beer bars picks in and around Philly, for Food Republic’s Craft Beer & Spirits Week. Pictured: Tired Hands in Ardmore, which I recently wrote about in the Daily News.

Photo: brewbokeh.com

Pasta picks for CityEats

This was a fun one — 10 killer pasta dishes in/around town. Only four places on the list are considered traditionally Italian. Pictured: the soba-inspired buckwheat fettucine from Vernick.

Photo: Jason Varney

Cochon’s boudin noir for Philadelphia Inquirer

Cochon's Gene Giuffi makes his own blood sausage, switching up fillings and flavors every so often. His latest, pecan and cherry, will soon be replaced by a variety made with head of St-Canut porcelet. 

Photo: Charles Fox