Spam in restaurants for Serious Eats

How Spam, of all things, is beginning to infiltrate American restaurants.

Spam is one of my favorite topics, in addition to it being one of my favorite foods. If you want to learn more about it, I highly recommend reading Philly food writer Carolyn Wyman’s indispensable Spam: A Biography. It’s excellent!

City gardens for Philadelphia Daily News

Outlining the difficult situations that arise when urban gardens and absentee landowners come face to face.

Photo: Yong Kim

Intro to Filipino cuisine for Serious Eats


My beginner’s guide to the weird and wonderful world of Filipino cooking.

Photo: santosphotos

Chefs and cultural identity for Philadelphia Inquirer

Feature on chefs who specialize in food far outside their own cultural identities. Does it matter? And if it does, should it?

Pictured: the pho at Stock.

Photo: Matthew Hall

USA vs. Germany for Food Republic

Pitting American food against German food, in light of today’s big game, for foodrepublic

Happy both teams advanced.

The Fireball Whisky phenomenon for PUNCH


Exploring the craft cocktail world’s growing obsession with Fireball, for punchdrink.

Photo: Stephanie Barto

Dinner Lab launch for

dinnerlab, a data-driven dining club that organizes pop-up meals in unexpected venues, is launching in Philadelphia.

Photo: Jason Martin

Side of the Road jerk chicken for Philadelphia Daily News

I hung out on a NoLibs street corner until 3:30 in the morning with jerk chicken master James Leggett.

Photo: Steven M. Falk

Where to watch the World Cup for Philadelphia Daily News

Where to watch soccer in Philly. Pictured: Brauhaus Schmitz.

Strawberry dishes for

It’s the season for sweet and savory strawberry dishes in Philly. Pictured: the base for Danielle Amabile’s shortcake at Oyster House.