Actual lines of dialogue from The Expendables 2

"Is that the woman you can never really fully trust calling again?"

"When I fire, his head will be gone."

"This is the symbol of the goat — the pet of Satan."

"We’ll beat the truth out of ‘em."

"Great, just what I need: 50-year-old pizza."

"Can’t complain about rigatoni."

"Crispy aromatic duck with plum sauce. Very sexy. But I like Italian, too.”

"My favorite Swedish dinner would be baby seal and whale ass. In the summer."

"You got a big ego. Your ego is like the size of a dinosaur. HUGE."

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and knife."

"Rest in pieces."

"Who’s next, Rambo?"

"His name…was Billy.”

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