Trust me, I’m a doctor

Trust me, I’m a doctor

A Walk Among the Tombstones review for CP

Nothing ground-breaking — just a solid, satisfying American detective story.

Drexel Food Lab for Philadelphia Daily News

Drexel Culinary’s “Food Lab” initiative gives students the opportunity to work as R&D chefs for corporations and non-profits.

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Tusk review for CP

We’ve all developed stupid movie concepts with our friends — but most of us don’t actually make the movie.

This Is Where I Leave You review for CP

In case you need some white person problems in your life.

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Palates to Palettes for Wall Street Journal

Short feature on todienomore's fast-growing art program, Palates to Palettes, for the WSJ magazine.

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David Lynch at PAFA for CP

"Philadelphia is percolating in me."

David Lynch: The Unified Field is on view at PAFA through January 11, 2015.

The Drop review for CP

Tom Hardy, Matthias Schoenaerts and a smooshy-faced pit bull puppy. What more do you want?