The Trip to Italy review for CP


A bit too much retread, but these two dudes still make me laugh.

Life of Crime review for CP

There are better Elmore Leonard adaptations. Gotta love John Hawkes, though.

La Peg for Philadelphia Daily News

Bistrot La Minette owner Peter Woolsey just opened La Peg, a unique waterfront brasserie, with the folks behind FringeArts.

Photo: Kevin Monko

Philly fall openings preview for Food Republic

Lots of cool stuff opening this season.

Pictured: corned pork belly on pretzel challah from Abe Fisher.

Local kombucha for Philadelphia Inquirer

I talked to Philly-based kombucha makers about the popularity of the stuff and the process of making it.

Pictured: Inspired Brews, which I buy all the time from Breezy’s Cafe.

Photo: Anne Gustafson

TONIGHT: Spam Night at American Sardine Bar!


nealsantosphoto, Scott and I are hosting a very special evening of SPAM tonight!

It’s at American Sardine Bar (18th/Federal) from 6 p.m. on. Spam corn dogs, Spam tacos, Spam mac ‘n’ cheese, Spam sliders and more. More info on Foobooz,, The Town Dish and Eater.

See you there!

When the Game Stands Tall review for CP

Why should we root for a team that never loses?

Hot Diggity’s new menu for


Hot Diggity, Philly’s premier wiener emporium, has expanded its menu to include burgers, wings, nachos and more. They’re also going to start doing weird American regional specialties, like Jucy Lucys and chow mein sandwiches.

Perception, Reality 

Perception, Reality 

This week in irrational Internet outrage for Philly Mag

There are so, so, so many things in this world worthy of our anger. The Little League World Series, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Taylor Swift’s new music video? Not among them.